Title: Prevent accidental leaks in storm water drain with SafeDrain

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Safedrain is the best solution to prevent and take care of any types
of spills or leakages in storm water drains and hence ensure complete

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Many times we have read about cases of companies spending thousands of
dollars to take care of flooded storm water drains which have been
filled up with hazardous waste. Companies may have to shell out thousands
of dollars in terms of fines also to the government agencies. Also
traditional methods of stopping the leak like placing sand bags and bags are
not as effective and by the time they are placed to stop the leak, it
might be too late altogether. There could also be unregulated costs
incurred by the organization for production downtime.

The introduction of the safe drain system from Safedrai.com ensures
100% containment of ground water in case of a hazardous spill. All the
products are easy to install and extremely durable to ensure high level
performance for several years. All the products are manufactured of
stainless steel as a result of which they don?t get damaged even when
blocking leaks that has hazardous chemicals. The spill or leakage is
contained above the ground as a result of which it can e cleaned up in quick
time. Preventing and taking care of leaks with the help of Safedran.com
ensures that the company does not have to shell out thousands of dollars
in the form of cleaning up costs or fines.

Today there are hundreds of companies from different fields such as
government organizations as well as aviation industries and technology
firms are completely satisfied after installing Safedrain products. The
products can be customized to fit the specific sized valves. All the
products are designed for heavy duty jobs and they are built of heavy duty
stainless steel. Safedrain helps to stop and prevent the hazardous
discharges so that they do not pass in the storm water drainage inlet.
Hence all the discharged products like chemicals can be disposed off or
recycled according to the requirements.

The system also has a filter as a result of which all the sediments and
trash can be separated form the water. The sediments can then be
easily collected and discharged as required. The Safedrain can also be used
to regulate the flow of water so that more time can be allowed for the
sediments to settle so that a flood can be prevented.

The drain with its powerful hydrocarbon filter is capable of removing
dirt and grease so that large volumes of water can flow in the drain
with ease. The best part of Safedrain is that the system can detect from
where the leak or discharges are taking place and hence helps to put a
stop to such discharges by identifying the source. Safedrain has been
trusted worldwide by industries for its safety standards and durability.
You can find several real life case histories on the site that describe
the excellent performance of the system in preventing damages in terms
of property and penalties.

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