Title: Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief – 5 More Ways

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Easy ways to prevent and heal neck and shoulder pain from computer work.

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It is very important to be aware of how we move, use and take care our bodies. Following are a few ideas that will help you increase your awareness to what you are doing with your body that can create pain.

Reach for Objects in Your Physical Comfort Zone

Frequently I notice people reaching out of their comfort zone. Your comfort zone is the area you can retrieve an item without moving or extending any part of your body. It is the area located in front of and directly to the side of your body.

If you are going to retrieve an item from behind your body, get out of your chair or swivel your chair around. Never reach for something while extending your arms behind your body.

Notice where you have placed often used items such as your telephone, reference books, pens, binders, etc. Are they on your desk or on the credenza behind you? Do you find yourself shifting your body or slightly lifting yourself from your chair to reach these items?

Is your phone causing you to twist your body left or right when dialing numbers? Can you move everything closer towards you? Are you getting the picture?

Stop and think about what would be easier for you throughout the day. Be adventurous! Simple adjustments to your desk will create less angst during the day and you will feel much more productive and a lot more freedom! Not to mention much more comfortable!

Professional and Self Massage

Neck and shoulder tension can be relieved with massage. Since the body works together as a whole treat yourself to a professional full body massage from time to time. In this fast paced computer age massage is more of a necessity than a luxury.

Add a few drops of essential oil to a small bottle of sesame oil and then apply to the area you are going to massage. It will make it much easier to massage your muscles. Self massage is easy to do with many of the massage tools on the market.

Neck Stretches

Simple and gentle neck stretches to the left and right will help to ease built up tension and get the oxygen moving again. If your neck feels tight, massage it first and then gently stretch. Stretching works better when the muscles are warm. Do not stretch in a cold drafty room if you have tight muscles.

Rest Your Arms Down by Your Side

Do nothing for about 10 -15 seconds every 10 -15 minutes. Let your shoulders recover several times per hour for seconds rather than a few times a day for several minutes. It will be easier for your shoulders to recover from the intense computer work they have been doing.

Stand Up

Every hour take a break and rest your body. Intense computer work takes it toll on the body. Take a walk. Drink some water. Do a few shoulder shrugs to release tension and interrupt your office neighbors. Who knows? Maybe they need a rest break too!

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